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Staff Machine Learning Engineer - Computer Vision



Software Engineering
United States
Posted on Sunday, April 14, 2024 is a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for processing and extracting insights from unstructured data. Our mission is to empower businesses with actionable intelligence derived from text, images, and other unstructured sources. As we continue to grow, we are seeking a results-oriented Machine Learning Engineer to contribute significantly to our Unstructured platform.

We are looking for an experienced Machine Learning Engineer with a specialization in Computer Vision to become part of our dynamic team. This position focuses on the creation of advanced vision models for document processing and generation. The perfect candidate will have profound expertise in vision or vision-language models and machine learning techniques, aiming to revolutionize the way we analyze and generate visual content.

Key Responsibilities

  • Vision Model Development: Lead the development of vision or vision-language models for document understanding, ensuring a deep focus on accurately interpreting and processing textual and visual information. Take charge of training object detection models, such as YOLO and DETR, to enhance the system's ability to identify and categorize objects within documents accurately.
  • Generative Model Development: Design and implement state-of-the-art generative models, including diffusion models, GANs, VAEs, for advanced image generation tasks.
  • Performance Evaluation: Perform comprehensive evaluations of model performance, focusing on both the quality and speed of the models. Develop strategies for continuous model improvement.
  • Visualization and Analysis: Show and understand the outputs from both vision and generative models in a clear way, providing a deeper understanding of how these models operate and highlighting areas where they can be enhanced to support quick updates and improvements.


  • Bachelor's or advanced degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. Advanced degree preferred.
  • Proven experience (5+ years) in machine learning engineering, data science, or related roles.
  • Deep understanding of vision models, including diffusion models, YOLO, DETR, GANs, VAEs, and transformer architectures.
  • Strong experience with vision or vision-language models, and the generation of image content.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent programming skills and debugging skills. Including experience with Python, Bash, as well as Cloud services, and Linux.
  • Ability to multitask effectively in a dynamic environment.
  • Demonstrated ability in visualizing and analyzing the outputs of vision and generative models, identifying areas for improvement

Why Join

  • Opportunity to lead a dynamic team and work on cutting-edge machine learning projects.
  • Collaborative and innovative work environment with a focus on learning and growth.
  • Impactful role in shaping the company's technical direction and driving innovation in unstructured data processing.
  • Competitive compensation package, including benefits and stock options.