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Technology Product Manager



IT, Product
Posted on Friday, December 8, 2023

Neon is an open-source company on a mission to create a cloud-native Postgres database service for every developer.

We are growing our Product Team and are looking for an experienced Technology Product Manager with a focus on products for engineering teams who will run the product ideation and prioritization in their area. In this role, you will connect with our users, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and ensure the successful implementation of product ideas that improve developer experiences. Your ability to distill requirements, prioritize effectively, and manage complex solutions will be crucial to our success.

Our Product Engineering team is based in European timezones and we want a Product Manager to be based in the following time zones: from GMT-5 to GMT+3.

Key Responsibilities

1. Feature Delivery:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Product Engineering and Design, to define and prioritize product features.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive product roadmap that aligns with the overall business strategy and user needs.
  • Conduct market research and competitor analysis to identify opportunities for feature enhancement and differentiation.
  • Work closely with the Product Engineering team to ensure timely and high-quality delivery of product features.

2. Product-led Growth:

  • Take ownership of the first days of a user journey and ensure a seamless and engaging experience. Implement strategies to improve user onboarding, reduce friction, and enhance user satisfaction during initial interactions with our product.
  • Utilize data analytics and user feedback to identify areas for improvement and optimization in the user journey.
  • Regularly analyze user behavior and engagement data to uncover insights and trends. Use these insights to make informed decisions and iterate on growth strategies.
  • Create and deliver regular reports on growth metrics and initiatives to company leadership. Clearly communicate progress, challenges, and opportunities to stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Sales teams to create effective go-to-market strategies and campaigns.
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to user acquisition, conversion rates, and user satisfaction to drive continuous improvement.

3. User-Centric Approach:

  • Connect with users to deeply understand their needs, desires, and pain points.
  • Collaborate closely with Design and Product Engineering teams to transform user insights into tangible product features.
  • Ensure that product development aligns with user personas and addresses their specific needs.

4. Technical Understanding:

  • Possess a strong technical background to effectively communicate with development teams and make informed product decisions.
  • Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and advancements in database management to inform product strategy.

We’re looking for someone who has

  • Proven track record as a Product Manager for a technology product (preferably a product for application developers) with a track record of driving growth and optimization.
  • Demonstrated experience in data-driven decision-making and the ability to prioritize product features and enhancements based on data insights.
  • Technical aptitude:
    • Hands-on experience running SQL queries and working with APIs.
    • Basic understanding of distributed systems and service-oriented architecture.
    • Familiarity with the database domain, either as a user or as a Product Manager for a team heavily reliant on databases with a significant setup.
  • Ability to navigate complex engineering environments, including experience with multi-team collaboration and managing dependencies between teams.
  • Prior experience in a startup environment showcasing adaptability, agility, and a hands-on approach to problem-solving.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

It's a bonus if you have

  • Engineering background (e.g., you wrote some code before)
  • Previous exposure to and understanding of product-led growth strategies, including alignment with Go-to-Market (GTM) teams.
  • Experience in a big company with several hundred/ thousand people in Engineering
  • Experience operating a service, including defining Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and ensuring uptime requirements.

About Neon

Neon is building open-source cloud-native PostgreSQL. Our architecture separates storage from compute, allowing for stateless and serverless Postgres. We’re a well funded startup with deep knowledge of Postgres internals and decades of experience building databases. We are a systems company; we work on low-level code with strict performance and correctness requirements.

Neon was created by a team of Postgres hackers, and led by CEO Nikita Shamgunov (co-founder of SingleStore). Neon is built on open-source principles and is focused on giving back to the Postgres and developer communities.

Our Team

  • We are a distributed team of 80 people working from 26 countries (concentrating around North America and Europe time zones)
  • We are a team built on open sources cultural principles (transparency, contribution, accountability, proactivity)
  • Team with decades of experience building databases and deep knowledge of Postgres internals. We are deeply technical
  • We have experienced Postgres committers and hackers on the team (check Heikki, Anastasia, Arseny, Matthias profiles)
  • We believe in the efficacy of collaborative open source
  • We aim for a diversity of thoughts and backgrounds
  • We are keen to be a fast-moving flat org and avoid hierarchical structures

Our Investors

  • Top-tier investors backed up Neon's vision:
    • We raised $104 million in funding from Menlo Ventures, GGV, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst, Founders Fund.
    • Venture vehicles of Snowflake and Databricks invested in Neon.
    • Our angels investors are prominent technologists, and ecosystem players. More than 20 awesome angels supported Neon, including Nat Friedman, Elad Gil, Mike Ovitz, Ajeet Singh, Guillermo Rauch, Søren Brammer Schmidt, and Wes McKinney.
    • Our Board includes Quentin Clark, Glenn Solomon, Joe Morrissey, and Tim Tully.

Our Offer

  • You have an opportunity to be an early employee in the fast-scaling ambitious team
  • You can work 100% remote: we'll handle all formalities to arrange work from your home
  • We pay top of the market in most parts of the world
  • We grant equity (stock options) for all full-time hires
  • We offer a competitive benefits package in line with all tech companies (top-notch equipment, co-working allowance, unlimited vacations, paid parental leaves, and much more)
  • We are distributed, yet make our bonds during regular offsites (the last one was in Barcelona)