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UI Frontend Developer at Avi Networks
California, US

UI is the king due to its ability to deal with complexity and variety of data to be presented. We use bar, pie, flame and multi-line charts, tree structures and graphs empowered by forces of mighty D3. These complicated, customizable and dynamic components provide room for creativity on top of CS algorithms and data structures. Top notch looks and user friendly interfaces are driven by solid, object-oriented, manageable and expandable code, running on rails of advanced frameworks and libraries. And since we provide a real time view of things happening on the back-end side we are mindful of the data-flow between browser and the server. This leads us to incremental updates and aggregation of requests among different layout components into few data channels.


We have plenty of CRUD lists too, what can be challenging there? First objective is to reuse grid component for most of such pages with as slight customization as possible. Sophistication comes with a need to represent information coming from different sources (APIs) in different formats and rendering real-time charts used by multiple columns by tens of rows.


Another distinguishing feature of Avi UI is the object-oriented backbone of application. It dramatically helps to keep component controllers lean and keep data-transformation logic away from presentation level, allowing for its efficient reuse.


We are constantly looking for development, building and deployment tools which can improve the workflow, manage complexity and make code manageable without reducing development velocity.


Checkout Avi Networks UI in following short demos.







Desired Skills/Qualifications



  • Strong Javascript programming skills (including OOP) and computer science fundamentals.
  • Experience in working with RESTful APIs to build single page applications.
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS/LESS/SASS, AJAX and JS libraries (eg Ext JS, jQuery, lodash/underscore)
  • Exposure to UI frameworks such as React, Angular, AngularJs, Vue, YUI.
  • Experience in building high-performance, reusable and adaptive UI components.
  • Appreciation for the unit tests and testing frameworks (Mocha, Jasmine)
  • Knowledge of single app building tools (Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Nodejs) is a plus


Here is why customers love Avi!


“Due to Avi’s granular multi-tenancy, RBAC and user-friendly interface we can now provide access to this important infrastructure component for the vast majority of our support staff. This greatly reduces the time needed for customer issues to get fixed and get changes applied.”  Stefan De Kooter, Network Engineer, Proxsys


“Appliance-based products weren’t meeting our needs, and as we evaluated alternatives, web application firewalling was our number-one consideration. We were pleasantly surprised by Avi iWAF’s simple deployment, impressive ease-of-use, and intelligent security analytics, as well as the responsiveness of the Avi team.” Joris Vuffray, Head of Network and System Mgmt. SWISSLOS

“We evaluated traditional and open source load balancers but they didn’t meet our agility, flexibility, and performance expectations. They did not provide a model that was operationally viable. We wanted to provide the same dev/test environment capabilities to the development teams even in a production environment. Avi met all of these capabilities and added analytics on top!” Nate Baechtold, IT Architect, EBSCO Information Services.

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