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Visual and Interaction Designer at Couchsurfing
San Francisco, CA, US

Who We Are:

Couchsurfing - is the world's premier social travel platform, with over 18 million members in nearly every country in the world. Hearing the stories of Couchsurfers whose lives have been transformed by travel is the greatest reward for doing what we do. Join us and every day thousands of people from every country in the world will meet in person and embark on new adventures as a direct result of your work.

What We Do:

We are a small and agile team who are building the next generation of this powerful service, with a strong focus on mobile. Our platforms include Web, native iOS and native Android.  If you're interested in making a big impact at a small company with a passionate and large user base and growing revenue streams, then you'll like it here.

This is a San Francisco based role and we expect this position to work from our HQ located in Potrero Hill.  

Core Values:

At Couchsurfing, we expect a lot from each other. Our mission and culture is what gets us up in the morning and makes our work meaningful and fun. You should be excited about the following:

  1. Couchsurfing serves a socially positive mission: Share your life.  Couchsurfing is a community of friends you haven’t met yet. Open the door to new people, places, and perspectives.
  2. As a team, we have all agreed to 7 core commitments:
    1. I agree to do my personal best
    2. I agree to have proactive transparent communication
    3. I agree to acknowledge impact, success and small wins
    4. I agree to have a courageous vision I agree to play team
    5. I agree to be my word
    6. I agree to ask for support when I need it
    7. I agree to be treated like a leader


  • Build actionable designs at multiple stages of product design process based on inputs from key stakeholders in product management, company leadership, and engineering
    • Concept - take conceptual discussions of ideas and build sketches, low fidelity wireframes, and other visuals, driving the team to quickly align on a conceptual path forward
    • Validation - transform concept mockups into mid-fidelity, clickable wireframes in Marvel that address user experience best practices and key use cases (e.g. in support of early user testing)
    • Execution - generate high fidelity, artistically interesting, designs in Zeplin that meet or improve upon Couchsurfing brand guidelines, UI best practices (e.g. will work for translations, various screen sizes, etc.), and build on the validated wire frames
  • Leverage existing user research and product analytics, and provide recommendations for additional research, to inform user interaction and visual design
  • Understand and drive closure of open questions identified during development of designs in all phases of product design process
  • Coordinate with Product Management and Leadership teams to develop any required information architecture around new features and products such as user personas, user journeys, etc.
  • Collaborate with Product Management and Engineering teams on prioritization and execution, working in Agile development team process
  • Own consolidation and update of executable style guide in Zeplin, based on existing site and mobile app contents
  • Provide recommendations on opportunities for UI, UX, and visual improvements - gather support around these from key team members as applicable to drive improvements forward
  • Communicate regularly with key team members about project status, open questions, and needs to drive resolution
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