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Head of Product Engineering at Heap
San Francisco, CA, US

Heap has revolutionized user analytics with a simple philosophy: capture all the data. This allows people to use Heap who were previously shut out from making data driven decisions. One of our core challenges is building a general-purpose interface that's flexible for power users but still immediately accessible for the masses.

Our current product only scratches the surface of what we intend to build. As Head of Product Engineering, you’ll lead the teams that build our core product as well as the software that captures data from web, mobile, and third party sources.

We would like to talk to you if:

  • You have a track record of leading successful product-focused engineering teams.
  • You communicate clearly both in writing and in person.
  • You’ve done non-trivial IC work in the past, but are confident you want to be focusing on leading teams and managing people.
  • You’ve observed engineering teams scale at least an order of magnitude.
  • You’re familiar with modern front-end architectures and frameworks.
  • You’ve worked with designers and product managers in the past and understand the product design process.
  • You are enthusiastic about managing a partially-remote engineering team.
  • Bonus: you’ve managed managers.


What will you do?

  • Promote long-term growth of engineers. Our engineers are driven and very talented. We are serious about investing in them, and you will be responsible for ensuring they are growing along the axes they care about.
  • Grow the next generation of the company’s managers and technical leaders.
  • Create quarterly plans based on input from your team and the rest of company, communicate these to the rest of the company, and ensure high-quality execution against these plans.
  • Sell candidates and get them excited about building our product.
  • Work with the rest of the leadership team to define success for our product and create a long-term vision for it.


Heap has raised $40M in funding from NEA, Y Combinator, Menlo Ventures, SVAngel, Sam Altman, Garry Tan, Alexis Ohanian, Harj Taggar, Ram Shriram, and others.

While our engineering team is partially remote, management is currently exclusively in San Francisco. We cover relocation costs. We'd love to hear from you!

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