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Frontend Engineer at Getaround
San Francisco, CA, US
As a Front End Developer at Getaround, you will build apps that do more than simply rent cars—you will have an opportunity to create a product suite that tightly integrates hardware, sensors, field operations, and an ecosystem of services to make seamless carsharing possible, anywhere.

We are seeking talented Front End Engineers who are eager to build beautiful, modern interfaces for our industry-leading platform. Working closely with creative, product, and your colleagues in engineering, you will build and maintain high-quality experiences for our web products— both internal and external.

Getaround’s Front End Engineering team is rapidly migrating our front end stack to React/Redux. You’ll make a big impact, helping us establish best practices that will define the way we build our product for years to come.
What you'll be doing

Develop sophisticated client-side applications for the web and mobile web
Write modular, secure, and well-tested front-end code
Take full ownership of features and projects: architect,implement, and deploy
Provide continuous improvements to performance and stability
Participate in design and code reviews
Improve the team and company– you will be an active participant in our culture(mentorship, interviewing, and new initiatives)

3+ years of software engineering experience
High attention to detail and product quality
Goal driven, innovative, and highly communicative
Understanding of computer science fundamentals
Mastery over core areas of web development(e.g. CSS specificity, rendering bottlenecks, patterns for performant network access, data modeling, asynchronous programming, prototypal inheritance, etc.)
Additional awesomeness

Real-world experience in a fast-paced startup environment
Samples of personal or professional front-end web development work, demonstrating an ability to make high-quality web experiences
Familiarity with ES6
Experience working with React/Redux, functional programming, Promises, async await, and generators
Knowledge of older client-side frameworks such as Backbone, JQuery, etc.
Knowledge of web standards, e.g. native DOM, Event APIs, web workers, etc., and the complexities of cross-vendor support
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