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Site Reliability Engineer at Bread
New York City, NY, US
You are passionate about uptime. You can't sleep when you don't understand the technical underpinnings of a site anomaly. You are comfortable in the codebase and in the infrastructure. Logs tell you a story.

If these sentiments resonate with you we would love to talk.

We are looking to hire someone who will:

be responsible for the uptime of our sites.
review our overall architecture and make changes in the code and in the infrastructure to improve the reliability and performance of our sites.
tune our alerting to ensure that we know when there are anomalies while keeping a high signal to noise ratio.
curate our monitoring so that we have actionable forensics when there are anomalies.
This is a senior role. Requirements

Expertise building scalable, reliable distributed systems, both from the coding side and the infrastructure side
Expert knowledge of server-side languages and data stores (our system is built with Go and PostgreSQL)
Strong knowledge of cloud infrastructure
Nice to have

Experience with message-based, loosely coupled architectures (we use RabbitMQ and Redis)
Front-end skills in JavaScript, using a framework like Angular or Backbone (we use React)
Knowledge of e-commerce platforms, like Magento, Shopify, Demandware, or others
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