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Director of Risk Operations at Signifyd
San Jose, CA, US
We build software systems that catch bad guys. Using all available payment, user, and machine data, we separate legitimate credit card transactions from fraudulent ones in under 400ms. That means building large-scale systems which reduce the complexity of human purchasing behaviors into simple and quick decisions.

Our Fraud Squad Analysts are the tip of the spear in the fight against fraud. Fraud Analysts do the deep research into what constitutes "normal" purchasing behavior and what constitutes "suspicious" behavior. They work closely with our engineers who build systems around analyst insights. To succeed in this position, a person needs to be resourceful, empathetic, and deeply curious about how and why someone would commit fraud. It's a competition between you and the bad guys, and we are looking for those special folks who won't let the bad guys win.

As the Director of Risk Operations, you will help build out the Fraud Squad in your vision, and be responsible for scaling, hiring, and mentoring your rag-tag team of fraud analysts in the battle against fraudsters. You will need to be a LEADER who can grow and develop a team, a crack ANALYST who can mentor others and lead by example, a BUILDER who can develop and improve risk policies and processes, and above all be a CUSTOMER-FOCUSED advocate who believes we exist to serve our customers and maximize the value we provide. We are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate individual who wants to work hard, play hard, and ensure our customers succeed.

This role will report to the VP of Risk & Fraud

Primary Responsibilities:

Take ownership of overall Fraud Squad customer metrics including approval/decline rates, chargeback rates, customer satisfaction, and response time. Develop and implement strategy to meet organizational goals for customer retention, customer satisfaction, and fraud loss.
Manage day-to-day operations of the Signifyd Fraud Squad.
Ensure staffing to meet and exceed customer SLAs including coverage during peak hours and seasonal periods.
Deliver proper training and development of all Fraud Squad members ensuring overall quality decisions.
Define and implement proper risk and fraud prevention business practices to maximize customer revenue while minimizing fraud loss.
Quickly identify and adapt to fraud patterns and customer issues.
Act as a Business partner for our Risk product team.
Advocate and drive internal process improvements to increase overall team effectiveness and customer satisfaction
Handling customer escalations and team communications.
Required Skills/Traits:

5+ years of management experience building and managing a high functioning 24/7/365 fraud operations team.
5+ years of hands on experience in dealing with e-commerce,payments & identity fraud.
Demonstrated operational excellence within a high volume, high pressure transactional environment.
Proven ability to build and motivate a distributed team of 15+ fraud analysts.
Established ability to think strategically and execute tactically.
Curiosity, resourcefulness, and empathy.
Strong written and oral communications skills.
Ability to make good, fast decisions with limited and conflicting information.
Solid knowledge of Card Not Present (CNP) environment, ACH, ACH Returns and Credit Card Chargebacks.
A keen eye for detail, accuracy and strong critical thinking skills with advanced judgment capability.
Extensive multi-tasking and prioritization skills needs to excel in fast paced environment with frequently changing priorities.
Experience in dealing with Merchant or Payer frauds including account take over, ID theft and collusion schemes.
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