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Product Marketer at Heap
San Francisco, CA, US
Tell Heap’s story to the world.

As Heap’s very first product marketer, you will own our market positioning and do whatever it takes to ensure our products keep resonating with customers. Your work will impact just about every team at Heap, from our engineering efforts to our broader go-to-market strategy. We can’t build an enduring business without the very best product marketing.

We have no product managers and a nascent (one person!) marketing team, so you’ll be building this function from the ground up.

In particular, you will:

Research customer needs. Heap is used by a wide range of roles across a range of industries: PMs in the Fortune 500, marketers in e-commerce, founders at fintech startups, etc. You’ll be the customer voice and keep everyone at Heap aligned on how best to serve them.
Craft messaging. You’ll anchor our entire go-to-market org on a bold, consistent product story. You’ll help our sales team pitch against competitors, test marketing messages, define target personas, and get customers excited about any new technology we ship.
Manage product communication. We’re constantly launching big new features. Whether through blog posts, ad campaigns, collateral, Product Hunt, or PR, you’ll communicate our evolving product narrative to existing customers, Heap teammates, and the broader market.
Here’s some projects you might tackle in your first few months:

Create our sales playbook. As we scale out our sales efforts, we’ll need a single, definitive resource on all things sales: the high-level pitch, segmenting across industries and personas, customer case studies, competitive comparisons, and more.
Organize a feature launch process. If a product never gets marketed, is it ever truly shipped? We need someone to own the entire launch process, from managing the beta to writing the feature announcement post to working with partners for co-marketing to bigger PR efforts.
Lead the design of our marketing pages. We recently shipped a big redesign our homepage, but we have yet to transfer the new high-level messaging and design aesthetic to the rest of our marketing pages. You’ll need to work with design to get this done.
What we’re looking for:

3+ years of product marketing or product management
Strategic thinking about every piece of the larger analytics market
Technical enough to dive into the nitty-gritty of the Heap product
Able to organize chaos into action with exceptional project management
Clear and authentic communicator, with a healthy disdain for corporate speak
Strong quantitative sense, measuring everything you do (with Heap, of course!)
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