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Senior Researcher at AppDome
Tel Aviv, IL
We're looking for talented and inspired individuals to form part of a research group that really understand how OSes work and can harness this knowledge to help each and every app in the world to be better.

Job Description
Help Appdome build the best fusion engine in the world. Acquire intimate familiarity with iOS and Android kernels to enhance mobile security and enrich mobile apps with new capabilities without requiring any code changes.

The team’s focus is to develop the core technology that maps the app’s inner-workings, from user mode down to system calls and automatically protect and enhance it. We essentially fuse different technologies into a single app without the need to make any code change. How cool is that?

The team builds an engine that essentially controls every aspect of a mobile app behaviour. The challenge is to make it as transparent as possible: zero performance penalty, backward and forward compatibility (you can never know on which of the 2,000 different Android device models your code will run on) and for the code to play well with every framework the app possesses.

You will be required to:
Learn inner working of some mobile OS element (e.g. linker loading dylibs)
Design a solution that leverages this element for additional purposes (or simply one that will make it better)
Implement – we don’t stop at the POC level!
Education Details
Bachelor in Computer Science. Alternatively, Mamram/81/49/MAMRAM graduate.
Key Qualifications
At least 2 years of experience in reverse engineering of large system/OS, preferably with IDA
At least 2 years of experience in C/C++ programming
OS Internals/Low Level/Kernel experience
Team player with good interpersonal skills
Familiarity with assembly and ARM instruction set
Internals/Low Level/Kernel experience in iOS or Android
Mobile apps developing experience
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