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Product Manager at Envoy
San Francisco, CA, US
Envoy makes workplaces work better. With a focus on the details, we craft beautiful, modern software that elevates the workplace experience. Companies like Slack, Pinterest, Spotify, Nike, and American Express have worked with Envoy to welcome over 30 million visitors to more than 10,000 locations around the world. We are proudly backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, Initialized Capital, and many others.
Our mission is to challenge the status quo of workplace technology. This idea started at the front desk, where we set a new standard for visitor sign-in. Now, we’re looking around the office—to the mailroom, meeting rooms and beyond—and asking how can we make this better, too? We envision a world where technology is woven through our workplaces, all of it working together to make our time there delightful.
If this world sounds exciting, we’d love for you to help us build it.
A Product Manager at Envoy is charged with influencing, inspiring, and leading teams to build products and features customers use and love while contributing positively to Envoy's business.
How you do it is important! We aspire to have inspired and well-informed teams because we believe our best solutions won't come from any one person. As such you'll be a leader, facilitator, orchestrator, and teammate.

You Will:

    • Talk to customers, aggregate feedback from internal customer-facing teams (sales, customer success), and evaluate customer usage metrics to determine and prioritize the jobs-to-be-done and problems to tackle.
    • Do market and product research and work closely with sales, marketing, support, and customers to inform priorities and sequencing.
    • Spread this information far and wide such that your teams and internal stakeholders have appropriate context. This might mean driving internal communications or might mean bringing your teammates to a customer site to see things firsthand.
    • Prioritize and sequence the problems based on the information we've collected. Prioritizing & sequencing requires understanding the importance of certain problems to customers, the effort required by our engineering team, any dependencies internally or externally, information about the market, and deep knowledge of how our product is currently used.
    • Synthesize this into a well-informed and well-socialized running priority list, a higher-resolution 3-6 month roadmap, and a lower resolution 6-24 month one.
    • Collaborate with internal teams to define and implement solutions you'll all be proud of. You'll collaborate with design and engineering to identify technical possibilities and define interaction and design options. You'll work hand in hand with those teams through implementation, ensuring goals are clear and facilitating decisions throughout.
    • Define MVPs and ensure hypotheses can be informed before and post-release through research and metrics.
    • Establish goals and KPIs for the products or features, set up processes to ensure we continually track & learn, and drive priorities to improve.
    • Continually assess and improve upon Envoy’s product development methodology and framework.
    • Work with customer success, marketing, and sales to bring new products, features, and iterations to market.
    • Cultivate a great culture where team members can do their best work. Promote ownership and accountability, great communication ("high I/O"), learning and teaching, good decision making, and a push for very high standards.

You Are:

    • Someone with extremely high standards.  You’re practical and know perfect is the enemy of good, but you aspire for us to be great.  You care deeply about the quality of our work and our team.
    • An owner.  You act with and teach appropriate urgency when the situation calls for it. You feel personally accountable and responsible.  You proactively look for problems and inefficiencies and find elegant solutions before they become major issues.
    • Fast-paced.  You love the speed and impact you have in startups.
    • Empathetic, a great listener and observer. You know there might be differences between what customers say and do and are able to use both what you hear and what you see to deduce the actual pain they're experiencing. You actively build relationships with your teammates to better understand their work and partner with them.
    • Insanely curious. Before you even consider a solution, you want to understand and clearly articulate the problem. And when devising solutions, you seek and value input from as many sources as possible and work as a servant leader in your team to create products that delight. You are passionate about defining goals and metrics and other ways to know it's working and solving customers' problems once deployed.
    • Humble – because you know you don’t have all the answers. You care more about being effective over being right.
    • Impeccably organized. Lots of information, lots of stakeholders, lots of moving parts ... you need to not only stay on top of them, you need to synthesize this down to simple soundbites, updates, directions, and requirements.
    • Able to quickly jump altitudes. Managing complex and constantly-changing projects requires seeing both the big picture and bringing purpose to the minutiae of the day-to-day work.
    • Excited and inspired by new technology and eager to incorporate it into your work.
    • Passionate about good design and have a track record of prioritizing usability, surprise, and delight. (Design is a very important thing at Envoy!)
    • Uplifting. You love encouraging and shining a light on your team, individual players, and outstanding work.  You raise the visibility of the team’s work within the company.

You Have:

    • A track record for delivering delightful and powerful SaaS products to market (consumer or B2B).
    • Excellent communication skills (both directions).
    • Experience working with (or doing) product design and user research.
    • Expertise leading agile product development teams and achieving goals.
    • Demonstrated experience in defining and leveraging success metrics.
    • At least 5 years' experience in product management or a related role. You’ve led team(s) to a good outcome many times, and the team(s) would reflect positively on the experiences.

Bonus Points:

    • Previous experience in customer success or UX.
    • Programming experience.
    • You've built a side project that generates revenue.
    • Experience building consumer-minded enterprise SaaS products.
    • You blog, teach, mentor, or otherwise help others learn outside of your day to day work.
If this kind of work sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you! We're open to all backgrounds and levels of experience, and we believe that great people can always find a place. People do their best work when they can be themselves, so we value uniqueness. We never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status.
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