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Software Engineer Backend at Platform9
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Platform9 makes cloud-hosted management systems for open source software on customer infrastructure. Many of our customers operate their own hardware, and use Platform9 to deploy, upgrade and support Openstack and/or Kubernetes on their hardware. Others use Platform9 to manage virtual machine or container workloads on AWS, GCP or Azure while some use a hybrid of on-premise and public cloud infrastructure. In other words, Platform9 enables its customers to get the most out of their cloud infrastructure in the least amount of time.

We’re a 4 year old company with approximately 50 employees currently. We work on a variety of customer infrastructure at all ranges of scale, with different virtualization, networking and storage configurations.

You can read more at:

Some of our past talks can be found here:

Our team builds robust, scalable distributed systems that provide delightful customer experiences. As a fast-moving startup, we have the satisfaction of seeing our work directly affect our customers on a daily basis.

What our backend developers do:

  • Design, build and maintain APIs, services and systems that are used by our customers as well as internal teams
  • Help diagnose and debug production issues on customer environments
  • Collaborate with other developers and teams to build features that will be used at  large scale
  • Follow – and develop – good engineering practices, tools and processes
Here are some examples of the work we’ve done recently:

  • Simple, consistent interface to deploy Kubernetes clusters on internal data centers, or on AWS
  • Making Kubernetes clusters autoscale effectively on AWS
  • Integrating Kubernetes authorization with OpenStack
  • Omni – A collection of open source drivers that extend OpenStack to allow control of public clouds
  • Mors – An open-source lease manager for OpenStack


  • You can work as part of a team, and treat others with respect and kindness.
  • You take pride in your craft, and hold yourself and others to high standards.
  • You can approach software development from a user’s point of view.  You don’t have to be a designer, but you know a good or bad user experience when you see it.
  • You have 2+ years of experience working in a team that has created and shipped software to users.
  • You are good at spoken and written communication – this includes design documentation, APIs, comments and everything else that goes with building maintainable software
  • You’re passionate  about the exciting parts of the job, but recognize that not all of the necessary work will be fun.
  • You’re willing to learn various new technologies. The “cloud native” field of software is rapidly evolving: you’ll need to stay aware of it and quickly learn new technologies whenever necessary or relevant.

Our Technology Stack:

We use the following technologies; we have no minimum experience required for any of them, but you will need to learn them relatively quickly on the job, if you’re not already familiar with them.

  • Python programming language
  • Bash scripting
  • Linux
  • OpenStack
  • Kubernetes, with Docker containers
  • NodeJS and Go

Benefits & Policies

As a growing startup, Platform9 offers the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage for you and your family
  • Disability Benefits
  • Paid parental leave
  • Relocation support
  • 401(k) plan
  • Flexible work hours
  • Flexible vacation policies
  • Catered lunches
  • On-site massages

What to expect from the interview process

  • If you’re interested, please send us a resume and a short paragraph or two about why you want to work at Platform9.
  • Work sample – If we believe you’ll be a good fit, you’ll be given a small coding problem. You can implement the solution in any programming language you like, and we’ll use hackerrank for automated testing of your solution. It’s designed to take a few hours of your time, and we’ll give you plenty of time to complete it.
  • Phone interview – If you pass the work sample test, we’ll conduct a phone interview. In this interview we’ll talk about your past experience, interests and try to assess if your background is a good fit.
  • In-person interview – If the phone interview goes well, we’ll invite you to the Platform9 office for an in-person conversation with our team.
  • We’ll let you know of our decision either way within 7 days.
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