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Lead Software Engineer - Full Stack at Betterment
New York City, NY, US

Lead Full Stack Engineers collaborate with our user experience and product management teams to craft our consumer-facing applications.  As a member of this team, you strive for building products & features that you’re proud to share with friends and family. We aim for fluid, delightful user experiences and will need to leverage the entire stack to help realize these goals.  We’re not only tackling difficult questions of scale and architecture but also interaction, simplicity, and ease of use to deliver the best financial advice possible to our customers.

At Betterment you’ll get to:

  • Build things people love. Our goal is to delight our customers whenever possible. Sleek design, simple user experience, and access to sophisticated financial advice.
  • Collaborate with purpose.  You’ll be a member of small groups working alongside talented thinkers that are always striving to find new ways to solve problems.  We experiment, iterate, learn, and repeat.
  • Teach and Learn.  As a Lead Engineer, we expect and desire you share your knowledge with new and junior engineers.  Help mentor and grow our team professionally as well as learn from our leaders to level up your own talents.  
  • Gain trust through transparency. We believe in taking the guesswork out of investing. That means a consistent experience for our customers — you’ll build the tools to make it possible. We already have the best UX in the business. Let’s make it even better.
  • Create efficiency. Our software helps customers save time and money. We maintain it through a clean code, pragmatic programming, and lean engineering.
  • Work with people who care. Engineering is the largest team, but we believe everyone at Betterment is an engineer with their own tools. We’re a group of talented professionals who pride ourselves on what we do. We’re smart, innovative, energetic, and lots of fun.

Tackle tough business challenges:

  • Integrate with real-time identity-verification services and our internal fraud-prevention system to create the fastest signup and funding process in the industry
  • Work side-by-side with our investing team to build innovative, state-of-the-art financial advice algorithms, and then pair up with the design team to deliver an award-winning user experience powered by that advice
  • Reinvent the financial advisor space by building next-gen customer management and analysis tools from scratch
  • Partner with our retail, data and investment teams to bring Betterment's technology to a brand new market

You’ll be effective if:

  • Have experience in at least one server-side language - Ruby, Java, C#, C++, Python. We build our apps in Ruby on Rails.
  • Have proven and recent experience building and leading projects
  • Have experience building interactive web applications using modern Javascript frameworks
  • Have a strong command of fundamental algorithms and data structures
  • Have a passion for software engineering, and for creating what doesn’t exist
  • Know how to make the tradeoffs required to ship without compromising quality
  • Realize that automated tests are a worthwhile investment
  • Appreciate agility and pragmatism in software development
  • Thrive in a startup environment

Tools in your belt:

Ruby, Rails, Javascript, React, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SOA, Amazon Web Services, Linux

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